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Boost-Start Marketing Plan

The Boost-Start Marketing Plan is included in our Manual

The obvious advantage of setting up your new letting agency with the Southcourt Letting Agency Business Package is that you will benefit from our considerable experience. We've done all the legwork, and have tried most marketing methods in the course of growing our own successful property management business. We know what works and what doesn't work, and therefore so will you.

OK, so you're ready to start trading, and all you need now is some customers. The big question is, when starting a letting agency from scratch, how do you find them, and which come first - landlords or tenants? The answer may surprise you, but getting this stage right will enable you to make a rapid and satisfying start, and quickly begin generating income.

The most effective methods of locating, contacting and signing up local landlords onto your books do not involve advertising at all, and are more or less cost-free! Local press ads are not really very effective, because only about half of the landlords who own properties in your town will live locally, so 50% will never see your ad.

Instead, we explain a couple of very effective ways to find and sign up landlords. Provided you do as we recommend these methods should work wherever you are located. Once up and running you can of course continue to utilise the same cost-effective processes time and again to keep up a regular supply of landlord clients and steadily build your letting agency business, instead of your advertising bills!

But this is only part of the answer. You will also need one or more USPs (unique selling points) in order to stand out from the competition by offering something different, and better, than other letting agents in your area. We explain several way to achieve this.

Once you have properties on your books, one of the most cost-effective and efficient marketing tools these days for letting agents is the internet. It is also a great equalizer, enabling smaller letting agents to compete successfully, and appear as established as ‘the big boys’ at minimal cost.

In the early days of your business, when you are perhaps on a limited budget you can advertise your properties on the numerous free property portal sites that we list, and as time goes on you may also wish to utilise one or more cost-effective pay-per-click portals such as Zoopla, and even subscription portals such as RightMove and FindaProperty.

We also include Property Portal Upload Software

Whilst on the subject of the internet, you may wish to note that we include property upload software which enables you to upload your properties to the major property 'portal' websites automatically, such as Rightmove, Zoopla, FindaProperty etc. In fact it is possible from our system, once you have registered with them, to upload to over 170 property websites worldwide, including more than 40 free to list ones. Click on Website Package / Portal Feeds in the menu at the top of this page for more info on our property portal upload software.

As for ongoing marketing as your letting agency business builds and takes shape, we list the various options available to you, as well as detailing how to effectively service your list of waiting tenant applicants, and how to gain repeat business from both landlords and tenants, again and again. We devote two entire sections of our manual to letting agency marketing and our boost start plan, as it is pivotal to your rapid success.
See Letting Agency Manual.